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What Exactly Does the Experts' "Success Rate" and "Profitability" Scores Mean?

The “Success Rate” on the Experts page refers to the ratio of virtual positions that have been profitable in the last 10 days to all virtual positions that have closed in the last 10 days.

“Profitability”, on the other hand, refers to the mathematical sum of virtual positions in the last 10 days.

I can’t see my position on expert’s page nor expert’s positions on my page, tell me the reason?

To trade automatically, Paratica needs a strategy set. So if you do not have a strategy, you cannot make Auto Trade on Paratica. You can do this by copying the settings of other users, who are successful in Paratica. When you follow an expert, you copy the settings set and make Auto Trade with your INDEPENDENT system.

The VIRTUAL operations you see on the expert page is a simulation created to show whether the experts’ strategies are successful and work completely independently.

So you have a similar set of strategies even if you don’t go into the positions of the expert. The answer to the question of why your transactions are different from expert virtual transactions can be given as follows:

1- One of the basic rules of Paratica is to open a new position from the same parity if there is an open position for a parity. Accordingly, there may be a position in the same pair previously opened in the expert virtual. According to the related strategy set in that parity, there is no opportunity, but it does not. However, your settings can also be seen simultaneously, and if your account is available, it will be processed.

2- You may have deselected some parities in the “Portfolio Settings” you have determined independently of the expert. In this case, the trades will not open in closed trades.

3- When you exceed the number of concurrent transactions, which you set in your budget settings, new transactions will not be opened.

Some of my positions are different from my budget settings and less then my expectations. What may be the reason?

You determine the number of positions simultaneously with the budget settings you set on Paratica. Paratica evaluates that balance when there is less than the amount you set for each transaction, provided that it does not exceed the number of simultaneous positions you have determined. In this case, a different amount of purchase may occur from other positions.

For example, your budget adjustment is 5 positions simultaneously and your total budget is 1 BTC. If 0.1 BTC of this is in a altcoin, Paratica will open 0.2 BTC transactions and the remaining 0.1 BTC will remain for the 5th transaction. In this case, Paratica will open the 5th transaction for the remaining 0.1 BTC.

I closed my position manually on the exchange but i'm still recieveing notifiactions. Explain me how?

First of all, we would like to state that we do not advise you to manually intervene in positions you take with Paratica, and that we are not responsible for the communication problems arising from this. Instead, you can revise your strategy.

When you close your position manually, your exchange will not inform Paratica if you do. It may be unknown until the price reaches the stop level sent for the position. In this case, Paratica can continue to send stop raise notifications regarding the position. In this case, it should not be considered that the notifications are wrong or there is a problem in the system. This process is normal according to the communication setup established with your exchange.

There may be some differences between my exchange’s real order results and Paratica’s report. What is the reason?

Paratica can communicate with the stock market by adhering to the communication rules set by your exchange. Your exchange processes rules such as query frequency, query type and permissions for the establishment of this communication.

According to the “Order Configuration” rules you set on Paratica, trading orders are forwarded to your exchange. When order type is Limit Order, price differences are not expected, since a purchase price or a certain price will be sent. However, it is normal for market orders to have price differences.

The notifications and reports that you receive are the information of the orders sent by Paratica. That is, the values in an exit declaration are the values of the order sent to your exchange. In reality, it is not the output value that takes place on your side.

You will see a single price in the Paratica report and the telegram notification for orders sent to your exchange via market order. This is the price at which the order was sent. However, there may be multiple orders on your exchange’s order book.

Another reason is that Paratica may not be immediately aware of the transactions taking place on the side of the stock market, or if there are instantaneous second-rate price changes (situations called as “stop errors”). And when Paratica is aware of the situaiton, you will be given the current price by the exchange. In this case, the actual transaction may differ from the reports and notifications.

In multi-tracker specialist strategies, there may be large purchases with a market order order. In this case, there may be differences between orders sent and orders executed. This is reflected in the price differences.

Not : It should not be forgotten that, although rare, there may be disruptions in communication due to stock market or server origin. Such situations are quickly detected and intervened by Paratica.

I have received the “Limit Order” notification but there is not any buying process on my exchange account

You can define waiting duration and types of your orders on the “Order Configuration” page. For example, If you have defined a time required for the Limit Order order of 15 minutes and you have said that the order will not be sold, the order will be canceled when the order has been sent. In this case, the purchase will not be done.

What is the difference between “Pending Open” and “Open” on limit orders?

When orders are sent to your exchange in limit orders, they are reflected as “Pending Open” in the reports. This indicates that the order has been sent, but not realized yet. When the “order is successful” information has received, the status of the order is updated as “Open”.

What might be the reason of un-processed stop order sent by Paratica?

There could be three reasons for this:

1) Your exchange may don’t process your order for any reason(If you have a notification, it means that order is sent to your exchange). For this situation, Paratica sends an automatic control query to your exchange and checks the status of your order. If your order has not processed, a new market order will be sent to your Exchange.

2) Your stop order can stay on your exchange without processing because of the volatility. For this situation, Paratica uses the same procedure we mentioned above.

3) The SL orders that can be registered as a limit order after they are partially realized and the price can be canceled by the exchange if there is a price change.

Does Paratica sell my investments by mistake?

Normally, Paratica doesn’t open orders with your altcoins. But, exchanges are reserving, your investments and the altcoins which bought by bot together without having any seperation.

Paratica has a procedure for the selling orders which didn’t process without any reason and by this procedure, those kind of orders will be done. But, there is a possibility to give another sell order because, those controls been processed on the bought amount.

You may prevent those kind of situations by not selecting the altcoins you hold for investment purpose on “Portfolio Settings”

Is it necessary to hold some BTC for starting trading? Does Paratica switches my altcoins by it’s own?

You can trade with BTC, BNB, ETH and USDT pairs on Paratica. It’s necessary to have some un-blocked budget for Paratica to start trading.
If you already have some altcoins, Paratica doesn’t open orders on them. Therefore, you should switch your balances to your desired pair on your own.

Why is it necessary to have some BNB amounts for comissions?

As you know paying transaction fees with BNB is very beneficial at Binance exchange. Fees get more important if you have several positions.
Another reason, if you are not paying with BNB for fees, it will be deducted from altcoins. Since you are paying with related altcoin, after the deduction, the amount of that altcoin becomes insufficient for your orders and orders may not be processed.

Opening and closing times of a position are almost same. How can it be possible?

Paratica declares your stop order to your exchange if you set Stop Loss orders in strategy design. Therefore, you have a stop order with pretty close times for opening and closing. Sometimes there will only seconds between those. After opening a position, if there will be a loss at a position and if the defined stop loss is triggered, your exchange presents the opening time of position as stop lose time. Which the time difference between buying and selling. In this case, even your position will be stopped after days, you may think they are stopped in 1-2 seconds. It’s all about your exchanges representing the method of your positions.

As you see in the figure, this position was open for 8 hours, 43 minutes. But related exchange has represented the opening time of position as closing time.

Is Paratica a 1broker similar system?

Business models of Paratica and 1broker are completely different.

  • On Paratica, your money stays on your exchange account and control is yours. You don’t send your money to external platforms like 1broker.

  • You can design your own algorithm on Paratica.

  • When you follow an expert on Paratica, you own an auto-trade system by mixing that expert’s strategies and your own configurations. On 1broker, you hand over your money to a person for managing your budget.

  • On Paratica, you only copy an expert’s strategy, on 1broker business model you copy a broker’s trades.

What is API Key?

API (Application Programming Interface), is a structure that allows transactions in one application to be performed over another application by adhering to the rules set by that application.

Paratica can also provide this communication by using the secure API structure of exchanges.

How to define the API key and what you should pay attention to is explained in the API Credentials page in detail.

Is the API key a secure thing?

Exchanges allow you to set privileges when defining an API key. If you wish, an API key can be customized for responding only to requests from a specific IP. Unless you specifically authorize persons using the API, no one can receive your assets.

How much money do I need to use the bot?

There are no sub-budget limitations for using the bot. You can manage on Paratica even if your total budget is lower than the limit of the exchange (In general, the exchanges allow up to 0.001 BTC min.).

However, if you are using Paratica Starter Plan Package(which limits 1 BTC maximum fund size), and you have 2 BTC in your exchange account, you can only use 1 BTC of your funds.

What is Paratica?

Paratica is a flexible platform that allows you to create your trade algorithm without writing a single line of code and to trade automatically according to this algorithm. Think of it as a trade bot making workshop. You design your strategy easily and Paratica does what your strategy demands. Paratica is freedom for investors.

You can check our What is Paratica? page for detailed information.

I’ve been already trading manually. Why would I need Paratica?

  • With Paratica, you can easily turn all of your trading strategies into the algorithm without writing a single line of code. Even if you have multiple trading strategies, you can design and run them all at once.
  • You have a bot on your order to trade and it makes you gain money even when you sleep or have fun with your friends.
  • There is no place for emotions in Paratica. It firmly operates the rules that you set.
  • It follows the position 24/7 and exits with the rules you have set according to your strategy or your following stop settings.
  • It sends the information about every transaction it performs to you via Telegram.
  • It has many features to protect you from risks.

So, you can make a more regular, more stable trade management by Paratica, without breaking with business life, social life, and the market.

Do I Have to Keep My Computer On?

No, you don’t. Paratica is a project running on the web and does not need your computer or mobile phone to work. It works 24/7 independently after you make the necessary adjustments from these devices.

What about pricing?

First of all, you can use Paratica without doing any payment for 7 days. Apart from that, you can buy our packages anytime.

You can check our pricing here.

Also, you can view the detailed information from our Membership and Pricing Page.

Is it possible to buy a new package before the current one has expired?

You do not have to wait for your free trial period or the membership period you have previously purchased for membership. When the membership period expires, it will be healthier to purchase a membership in advance, as Paratica will stop following the current positions.

When you buy a new membership package, the remaining time from your old membership (even during the trial period) is added to your new membership and you won’t lose.

Does bot open new virtual positions by expert’s previous positions?

When you follow the expert in Paratica, you copy the strategy used by the expert, not positions. Therefore, you do not copy the virtual positions on the expert page, but enter the instant positions according to your strategy. A position suitable for your strategy is formed and may disappear in a short time depending on the chart time used. Therefore, you do not have a connection with past transactions and instant transactions that you see on the expert’s virtual page.

Can I follow multiple experts concurrently?

In Paratica, you can follow a single expert. The option of following multiple experts is not available as it will cause confusion and faulty transactions due to the operating logic of the existing crypto exchanges.

Reminder: If you do not follow up on an expert, and create a strategy yourself to use your own strategy, you can create a separate strategy for each pair.

How long it takes to reflect on Paratica when I manually close my positions on the exchange account?

First of all, we would like to state that we do not advise you to manually intervene in positions you take with Paratica and that we are not responsible for the communication problems arising from this. Instead, you can revise your strategy.

When you close your position manually, you will not inform Paratica. It may take until the price reaches the stop level defined for the position. In this case, Paratica can continue to send stop notifications regarding the position. It should not be considered that the notifications are wrong or there is a problem in the system. This process is normal according to the communication setup established with your exchange.

What happens to my current positions if I change the followed expert?

When you change your expert, your positions generally continue according to your old strategy. However, we record position-based settings when there is movement in the position after entry. In other words, if there is no notification, stop raising movement (such as TP and TSL), etc. until you change the expert in the position, those settings are not saved for that expert and continue with the new expert settings. Moved positions continue until they are closed with the old settings. Also, if there is no exit with the strategy in the old strategy and if the exit with the strategy is defined in the new expert strategy, the new expert can exit the position with the exit strategy. 

I just signed up but I don’t know where to start. Can you help me, please?

You can easily start Auto Trading with You may follow a successful expert or you can design your trading strategy without writing a single line of code.

You can start by checking our “Quick Start “ page!