Auto Trade Settings

Strategy Source Configurations

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You can use Paratica in two different ways;

1- You can design your own strategy : Build your own strategy (algorithm) without writing a single line of code.

2- You can copy the strategy of an expert : By copying the strategy shares of the experts who have previously designed their own strategy on the Paratica and made it available to other users, you will have your own auto trade system that works independently.

The way you use Paratica users, you have your own auto trade system independent of other people. You can specify which method you want to use with the settings via Bot Settings / Strategy Source screen.

You can pick the way you want to use Paratica on “Bot Settings/ Strategy Source” page.

You can create your own strategy by pressing the “Design Your Strategy” button.

You can use the successful expert strategies as your own strategy by pressing the “Select and Follow Expert” button.

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