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Once you become a member of, you have two options to use.

1- You design your own trading strategy on Paratica, link your exchange account and start auto-trade
2- On Paratica, you copy the strategy sharing of experts who have previously designed their own strategy and made it available to other users, and you have your own auto-trade system that works independently.

If you want to proceed with option 2, we recommend you to watch our quick start video (Quick Start Video). The steps you will follow for this phase;

  1. API Credentials – Paratica Link – Info Link
  2. Follow Expert – Paratica Link – Info Link
  3. Budget Settings – Paratica Link – Info Link
  4. Bot Status – Paratica Link – Info Link

If you want to proceed with option 1, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. API Credentials – Paratica Link – Info Link
  2. Portfolio Settings – Paratica Link – Info Link
  3. Strategy Designer (Buy) – Paratica Link – Info Link
  4. Strategy Designer (Sell) – Paratica Link – Info Link
  5. Stop Loss – Paratica Link – Info Link
  6. Take Profit – Paratica Link – Info Link
  7. Trailling Stop – Paratica Link – Info Link
  8. Budget Settings – Paratica Link – Info Link
  9. Bot Status – Paratica Link – Info Link

You can also define Paratica Genius from the Notifications menu if you want your position notifications to be sent to you via Telegram. Info Link

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