Auto Trade Settings

Portfolio Settings

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On Paratica, you can create strategies to auto trade with BNB, BTC, ETH and USDT parities. ‘Portfolio Settings’ page is where you can specify which parities in Paratica will manage for Auto Trading on your exchange account. You can save the selections for all tabs by selecting the parities you want to trade and then by pressing the “Save Changes” button.

The page also has a column showing the last 24-hour transaction volumes in each corresponding parity. By clicking on the title you can sort parities from small to large or from large to small by trading volume. On the right side, it is shown whether the exchange has Market Order SupportLimit Order SupportStop Loss SupportTake Profit Support and Tralling Stop Support at the relevant parities. When you deselect any parity, it will not send a transaction order for that parity even if it matches your strategy.

When you trade by copying an expert strategy, you will see the portfolios that the expert has chosen and you can choose from it. Therefore, not all parities may appear.

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