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Membership Purchasing and Pricing

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Premium membership content is the same for all package options. There is no better membership package available, however, the amount of bitcoin volume you would like to trade allows you to determine your membership plan.

Paratica offers you the option to purchase up to 20 BTC trade volumes in all periods up to 12 months with the flexible purchase option. If you would like to manage a portfolio with over 20 BTC, please contact us at [email protected] to get a special deal tailored for you.

Paratica Purchasing

Paratica Purchasing

The size of the fund is the amount of your total account that you want to be managed by Paratica. For details of paratica fund management, please refer to “Budget Settings”.

For example, let’s say you have a total of 7 BTC in your account including altcoins, and when you purchase the “5 BTC Maximum Fund Size” package, Paratica will manage up to 5 BTC of your assets. And if you have 0.8 BTC in your account and will also manage your entire 0.8 BTC fund if you purchase the “1 BTC Maximum Fund Size” package.

On the ‘Auto Trade Pricing’ page, you can set the rules of your own membership package for up to 20 BTC by clicking on ‘Custom Plan’ option.

Important Note:
You can set your bot to auto trade with BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT parities. We used the BTC example because we take into account the total amount of your fund in BTC amount.
To know more check ‘Budget Options’ page.

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