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Following an Expert

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If you can’t build your own auto-trading strategy on Paratica, or if you don’t find your strategy successful; you can copy a strategy from dozens of successful strategists. In this regard, you can analyze the success of expert strategies in a short time period or in a long time period.

You can do this by using the “Select and Follow an Expert List” button or by searching the Experts / Expert List from the main menu.

On the left side, you can list the active or passive experts separately.

Shown as;
Expert: Expert profile name and slogan
Success Rate %: The ratio of profitable resulting positions to all positions is shown. (Last 10 days)
Profitability: Mathematical sum of all positions
Followers: Number of active or passive followers
Status: Active passivity of the strategy

If the expert strategy is passive, the user who has copied his strategy can not get their bot with the relevant strategy. In this case, either a different expert should be followed or stay on hold.

There can be a few reasons why a strategy can become passive. Some of the most important ones of these; poor market conditions, expert might be revising his/her strategy, strategy maybe in testing, expert might find the strategy unsuccessful and may have decided not the share it anymore.

When you click on any expert profile, you can see the description of the strategy as well as the profitability of the expert mentioned above. Experts are able to share some of the information they deem appropriate about the strategies they use. Click on the “Follow” button to start tracking the relevant specialist immediately.

When you start following the expert strategy, the expert page shows the expert profile name that you follow as follows.

After following an expert, you can start building your own strategy and continue with your own strategy. You can also switch to expert strategy when you are dealing with your own strategy. You can easily make these transitions from the Strategy Source page.

When you follow an expert’s strategy (Expert X) and you have positions that are open, then if you start to follow another expert’s strategy (Expert Y), your former positions are followed by Paratica with the strategy settings where the position is formed (Expert X’s strategy).

If you do not want to trade on the parities determined by the expert when you copy an expert’s strategy (you may not want to trade in the parities you hold or you may not like some parities), you can turn off the parities from the “Portfolio Settings” page.

Click on the Recent Positions tab to access virtual transactions where you can analyze the performance of an expert strategy. Virtual operations will give you an idea of which expert will be more useful for you.

The lines that are green on this screen result in successful positions (+), while the red lines show the failed positions (-). Virtual transactions that have not been closed yet are shown in white.


The virtual operations of the experts were created for the general success of the strategy, for the expert himself and for the users who want to follow. It is a live account simulation which is composed of experts without scanning their own personal assets and taking into account their strategy by scanning all the parities. It is not a signal system. Therefore, it is not absolutely correct to compare with your own processes.

You can also view the position details by pressing the + icon on the left side of the virtual positions.

The Lowest Ratio % and Highest Ratio % fields at the respective positions are the areas that indicate how much the virtual transaction has fallen from the moment it enters the position and how much it has risen.

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