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Manual and Auto Trade Combined on Paratica

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Paratica is a platform where you can create your own trading strategy or copy a “strategy” that has already been created. The strategy that you create or copy is managed and monitored by Paratica 24/7, sending buy and sell orders (Because Paratica is a cloud-based solution, your computer doesn’t need to stay turned on)

In this article, I will explain how to construct a strategy based on support/resistance points without using indicators on Paratica. You should have a basic level of technical analysis knowledge. As an example, let’s look at the support point on the 4-hour chart in DOCK/USDT:



The settings I have defined in Paratica:

Paratica Bot Settings

Paratica Bot Settings

Order log:


Other positions opened and closed in my expert account with a similar strategy:

Paratica Bot Settings - 2

Paratica Bot Settings – 2

You can see that even a simple support/resistance strategy can bring good results. You can now create an account on Paratica and try this strategy by yourself without having to pay anything until your trial account ends!

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