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On the Budget Settings page, you can specify how many concurrent parts of your fund to be traded with different currencies (BTCBNBETH and USDT).

Paratica Budget Configuration

Paratica Budget Configuration

The parity you want to set;

  • In the Fund Amount Type line, you can select the type of limit you will place in your asset by type or percentage type.
  • You can specify the limit number that you will place in your asset according to the limit type you selected in the Quantity / Percentage row.
  • In the Concurrent Position Count line, you must write how many Paratica transactions you want to allow for the maximum number of concurrent transactions.
  • If the Fund Amount Type is selected as “Certain … Amount”, you must write the balance of the amount that you do not want to be active in the Parity field.
Paratica Budget Configuration - 2

Paratica Budget Configuration – 2

… If you want to enter the Parallel Number of Concurrent Positions field with the corresponding amount, you must enter it. If you select the Fund Amount Type field as var Percentage of My Total Assets edi, you should consider your entire asset not only with that parity but also with the sub-parities, and write the amount of the non-blocky and active transaction in the relevant parity to the ratio of your total assets.

Paratica Budget Configuration - 3

Paratica Budget Configuration – 3


Let’s suppose you have purchased a 1 BTC package for your Paratica account and your total asset is 0.8 BTC. Of this 0.8 BTC, 0.4 stands idle as BTC and the other 0.4 is in altcoins. When you want to trade in BTC pair, you need to type in 50% of the percent and the number of simultaneous positions you want to trade with how many BTCs per position. If you say 4 transactions, each position opens with 0.1 BTC. This changes as your balance changes. Paratica won’t touch your other altcoins.
If you have purchased a 1 BTC package and your total fund is 1.5 BTC, Paratica accepts 1 BTC of this 100%. If you have a 0.4 BTC block-free BTC and your other 1.1 BTC funds are in altcoins, you will need to write 40% and the number of simultaneous positions. If you set 4, it will open 0.1 BTC positions again.

When you want to open a transaction with both BTC and ETH, BNB or USDT, you must also enter percentages or fixed amounts according to this rule.

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