Auto Trade Settings

Bot Status Configurations

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The opening and closing of the bot can be done both from within the page and from the top of the bot settings main menu. It is located here for easy access in an emergency.

If the “Bot Status” button is blue and if the “Status” shows ‘Enabled’ entry, then it shows that the bot is active. When the bot is switched off, the “Bot Status” button is shown as red and “Status” shows ‘Disabled’ entry

Unless the membership ends, the control of the status of the bot is in the user. When the membership ends, the bot is automatically closed and this section cannot be used.

Important Note:

If you have open trades when you turn of the bot, Paratica leaves the tracking process and your open transactions become vulnerable. However, if you have Stop or Trailing Stop orders sent by Paratica to the exchange, they will continue to work because they are orders on the exchange. For this reason, when you turn of the bot, we recommend that you take the action related to your open transactions on the exchange side.

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