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The API (Application Programming Interface) is a structure that allows the operations in an application to be made through another application by adhering to the rules of that application. Paratica can also provide this communication by using the secure API structure of the exchanges.

To watch a tutorial video we have created for you, please click on this.

On the API management page of your Binance account, you must type a name for the API key you will create in the “Enter API key label” (Example: Paratica API) and click ‘Create new key‘ button.

After you have completed the security (2FA or SMS verification) steps, you will receive a confirmation mail registered by Binance and you will be able to access the API Key and Secret Key as follows when you click the Confirm Create button in this confirmation email.

You should pay particular attention to the Enable Withdrawals option being disabled. Because Paratica will never ask you to transfer over your stock exchange. You should enter the corresponding API key and Secret Key on the Bot Settings / Api Credentials screen as shown in the following image. When you click the Save Changes button, you will receive a notice that it has been approved and you will link your exchange account and your Paratica account with the secure API.

Paratica API Credentials - 3

Paratica API Credentials – 3

One of the most common errors users make when copying the API Key or the Secret Key on the Binance is to copy the gaps at the end. This situation may cause the definition not to be made. Therefore, it should be noted that there is no space at the end of the copy.

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