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2FA Security Configurations

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2FA means two-factor authentication and provides additional security measures for users at The private code generated by the authentication application installed on smartphones constitutes two steps of security. The most used authentication application Google Authenticator.

We as Paratica recommend you to use Google Authenticator.

You can click on the Account/ 2FA Security to open up your security page.

Paratica 2FA Configurations

Paratica 2FA Configurations

Once you click on ‘Authenticator Activation‘ you will see a shortcut to download the app from both Apple Store and Google Play.

Paratica 2FA Configurations - 2

Paratica 2FA Configurations – 2

Download the application on your phone. After downloading the app, and you are still on Paratica. You will see a 16-digit code, you need to save this code for your future reference. This code can restore your information if you ever fall into problems with your phone.

When you open the Google Authenticator application on your phone and press the red + button, the option “Scan Barcode” or “Enter a provided key” appears as follows.

Paratica 2FA Configurations - 3

Paratica 2FA Configurations – 3

When you select the “Barcode side” and scan the barcode on the Paratica 2FA Security page, you will see that the new code comes automatically to your Google Authenticator application. When you say next on Paratica, “Please save this key on a paper. This Key allows you to recover Google Authentication in case of phone loss.” You will receive a warning.

Paratica 2FA Configurations - 4

Paratica 2FA Configurations – 4

After pressing Next button, you must enter your Paratica login password and the active code in your Google Authenticator application.

Paratica 2FA Configurations - 5

Paratica 2FA Configurations – 5

When you click “Submit”, you are now activating 2FA for your Paratica account. You will now be prompted to enter the 2FA security code as follows:

If you do not want to use 2FA, you can disable it by saying “2FA Security Shutdown“.

Next, you need to enter your Paratica login password and the Google Authenticator code. After entering the information, press the “Submit” button; you will disable your 2FA Security account and you will not be asked to enter 2FA Security code in the Paratica entries.

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