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Huobi & Paratica : Partnership for Algorithmic Trade

Huobi-Paratica Partnership
Huobi-Paratica collaboration

As Paratica, we would like to share with you the happiness of being accepted into the Huobi Global Elites Program as a result of our recent partnership agreement with Huobi.🎊🎉Before discussing the details of the Huobi Global Elites Program, it is useful to briefly talk about our platform.

What is Paratica?

Paratica is a platform that allows you to create your trading strategy without writing a single line of code and to trade 24/7 automatically according to this strategy. As you design your strategy easily, your Paratica boat does whatever your strategy requires. In short, with Paratica, you have an independent and secure personal “auto trade” system that operates 24/7, where you have full control.

You can use Paratica in two different ways:

1- You can design your trading strategy on Paratica and start to auto-trade.

2- You can copy the strategies of experts who have designed their strategy on Paratica and made it available to other users. Thus, you can add your personal risks such as volume, price, budget settings and create your own auto trade system that works independently.

What is the Huobi Global Elites Program?

This program, which we are now a part of, has been created to expand Huobi’s global business model and make Huobi the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform. In this program, Huobi lists successful blockchain projects from targeted areas to achieve the goal. Of course, Huobi grants certain privileges to these carefully selected projects that have passed through various stages. These projects grow rapidly in the global arena and reach a wider audience. We have selected Huobi’s this particular program from Turkey. To represent our country globally is a milestone for us. Also, such a global crypto exchange’s steps for Turkey, with offer some privileges to care about the community is quite gratifying. Also, take serious steps regarding Turkey’s global stock market, which will offer some privileges to care about the community and also quite gratifying. We would like to thank the members of our community who have supported us until this day. We have come to this point with your support and we will try to be your voice in the global arena.

Paratica-Huobi MENA Managers Together
Paratica and Huobi Teams Together

Huobi’s Vision

Huobi shares its knowledge and resources with the Huobi Global Elites Program with selected projects and their local communities. Global Elites, who succeed in the local market, will be a partner with Huobi in creating an independent local crypto-currency exchange for that region. In other words, the selected projects and Huobi organize many local activities, training and investment processes together in the region. In this way, Huobi works faster and more efficiently for the general audience, with projects from each region that are well-known to the needs of the community.

Duties of Huobi Global Elites:

As Paratica, we will briefly talk about these tasks that we will start to work in the nearly future both for Huobi’s global vision and for the development and growth of the community:

  • Maintaining Huobi’s brand image, achieving the business goals it sets, creating local platforms and developing active projects in the region
  • Be responsible for online and offline community management to educate new users and serve existing users. In this context, organizing various training and activities for the benefit of the community
  • Developing Huobi’s products jointly, providing feedback on customers’ suggestions in the region and developing a blockchain ecosystem in the region. This will trigger commercial growth in the region
  • Act as Huobi’s brand ambassador and be responsible for implementing the market-oriented plan of regional and headquarters

Of course, these steps will have a positive impact on the fate of the projects in the region in the near future.

Effects on Paratica

How will this agreement be reflected in Paratica and its users? First of all, our members will be able to use Paratica free of charge on the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange for a limited time! 🎊🎉 With these different usage options, the platform will be able to reach and expand more domestic and foreign users. We can say that this will be the first of the big steps taken to make Paratica a global brand! Also, the variety and format of our regular online trade training will increase in the future. Also, Paratica will have the opportunity to make the global organization in Turkey.

We thank the entire community for their trust and support to us. Wishing to see more beautiful days together…

Paratica Team