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What Exactly Does the Experts’ “Success Rate” and “Profitability” Scores Mean?

The “Success Rate” on the Experts page refers to the ratio of virtual positions that have been profitable in the last 10 days to all virtual positions that have closed in the last 10 days.

“Profitability”, on the other hand, refers to the mathematical sum of virtual positions in the last 10 days.

I can’t see my position on expert’s page nor expert’s positions on my page, tell me the reason?

To trade automatically, Paratica needs a strategy set. So if you do not have a strategy, you cannot make Auto Trade on Paratica. You can do this by copying the settings of other users, who are successful in Paratica. When you follow an expert, you copy the settings set and make Auto Trade with your INDEPENDENT system.

The VIRTUAL operations you see on the expert page is a simulation created to show whether the experts’ strategies are successful and work completely independently.

So you have a similar set of strategies even if you don’t go into the positions of the expert. The answer to the question of why your transactions are different from expert virtual transactions can be given as follows:

1- One of the basic rules of Paratica is to open a new position from the same parity if there is an open position for a parity. Accordingly, there may be a position in the same pair previously opened in the expert virtual. According to the related strategy set in that parity, there is no opportunity, but it does not. However, your settings can also be seen simultaneously, and if your account is available, it will be processed.

2- You may have deselected some parities in the “Portfolio Settings” you have determined independently of the expert. In this case, the trades will not open in closed trades.

3- When you exceed the number of concurrent transactions, which you set in your budget settings, new transactions will not be opened.