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Algorithms will work for Fan Tokens with Paratica & Chiliz (Chiliz.net) Collaboration

Chiliz-Paratica Partnership
Chiliz-Paratica Collaboration

As Paratica, we are delighted to announce our Chiliz.net integration and strategic collaboration with Chiliz today.

Since the second half of 2019, Chiliz team has attracted great attention in the world of crypto assets and signed agreements with AS Roma, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, CA Independiente, Galatasaray, Juventus, Paris Saint German, Westham United, and esports club OG. In line with this purpose, Chiliz launched “Fan Tokens” which enables fans to have more voice in the clubs.

In addition, it continues to strengthen its position in the world of sports and entertainment by strategic partnerships with organizations such as Lagardère Sports, the leading sports and entertainment marketing agency, located in different fields of the sports entertainment world.

As Paratica, we are very excited to continue our algorithmic trade services with Chiliz.net and expand the integration network that we already have with Binance and Huobi.

It is a source of happiness and pride for us to contribute to this process from the beginning as the Paratica team, with the prediction that fan token volumes will increase to a large extent in the future.

To summarize the benefits Paratica will provide to users who want to trade on Chiliz.net, users will be able to trade fan tokens 24/7 in a fun way with auto-trade, without having to estrange themselves from social life, either with the strategies created by themselves or by following an expert on Paratica platform.

As of Monday, 24.02.2020, all Paratica users will be able to start free algorithmic trading on USDT and BTC pairs with the strategies created on Paratica for Chiliz.net, the first crypto asset exchange of the Sports & Entertainment world.

Those who haven’t joined us yet can join auto-trade free of charge and become a member of www.paratica.com.